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Los Angeles

So... I'm back in this damn city. But for a very good reason, so I guess its okay.
Aron has, unfortunately, managed to injure his knee. Not terribly supprising, given the histtory of his knee, but frustrating none the less.
So, yesterday, instead of riding, he volunteered at the Bike Tech truck. He got to spend all day yesterday doing what he does on a regular basis; fix peoples bikes. Doing so yesterday, however, was a bit more furfilling than his day to day job.
He started the day in Lompoc (which is such a very funny sounding city) and ended in Ventura. Today he will be Teching for most of the morning, getting a ride to lunch, and then riding the last leg of the journey into LA proper. Really its the northern edge, so practially Santa Monica.
Tomorrow he will ride in the LA Pride Parade withe the AIDS/Lifecycle contingent. Then Monday... DISNEYLAND! Woo. I am so disgustingly excited. I'm also very happy that I will have my boy back today. Even if he is going to be hobbling, have a sunburn, and not have shaved in seven days....

Day 5 and News of Day 4

Alright. This is the link to the map that lets us all know where Aron is; http://www.aidslifecycle.org/about/travel/map.html
So last night Aron was in Santa Maria and today is heading for the little town of Lompoc. Anyone have any clue where that name came from?
Regardless, he is feeling well, if a bit tired. His knee is giving him issue, but after 4 straight days of ridding its not that surpising. Luckily, he is being a very smart boy and actually listening to the Sports Medical staff; learning how to stretch properly and resting when its needed.
As of about half way through yesterday, Aron accomplished something fantastic. He biked halfway to LA from San Francisco. And today he is still going. Phenominal.

More news later.Thanks for all the support everyone!

The Epic Journey

k. I am finally putting this up. This is about Aron's epic adventure, riding from San Francisco to LA over the course of seven days. He left this past Sunday the 1st, and is currently enroute.
I am going to try to update daily from now on. I know, its already day 4, so every day is a little late in coming.
Behind the break are images from day one. Images from the rest of the ride won't come until next week, after we get back. 
Later today I will try to post some info on the ride itself, a link to the map that shows you where he his, and an update on how this crazy boy that I love so much is doing.
Thanks all!
  Aron and his Father

Opening Stretches The morning stretches before the opening ceremony.

 Everyone getting ready to head out.

 And Aron looking proud and terrified.

More info to come.



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